Family bonds

Each vital moment holds
a challenge

Pregnancy and preparation for childbirth

Expecting a baby is a very special moment in life. This period can be wonderful for both parents but it is also common for a wide variety of concerns to arise associated with the course of pregnancy, delivery, and the well-being of oneself or the baby.

Families with babies

Early childhood is a fundamental stage. It is a period of constant change, rapid growth and development. Parenting involves a variety of situations that are most often rewarding. However, bonding with a baby is not always easy. It is normal for parents to have many doubts and questions at this stage.

More than one baby

The relationship of twins, triplets and other multiples is special and begins before birth. The people most present in the child’s life are their siblings. Multiples can offer each other mutual support, companionship, and affection. On the other hand, they also face difficult feelings, often competing and comparing themselves. Parents find it challenging to care for two or more children at the same time and they often feel tired and in need of help in parenting.

Early childhood (1 to 5 years)

After the first year, the world opens up to the child in a new way, with the first steps and the development of speech.
A child begins to separate from his parents and is an individual with his own will and opinions. A young child enjoys exploring his environment and learning new things. Through play, the child develops mental, social and physical skills.

School-age infants (6-11 years)

A child’s world expands into new environments, experiences, and friends. Starting school allows for a new form of independence.

The role of parents is to encourage a child in situations that require autonomy. A child has new hobbies and responsibilities. Parents should make sure that a child also has enough free time.

Adolescent and young adult

The development of the personality involves adaptation to physical changes, the process of separation from parents, individuation and psychological maturation.

Adolescents’ concerns are often related to self-esteem, difficulties in relationships, pressure in education, mood swings, and difficulty regulating behaviour and emotional life.

Online therapy

Videoconferencing is an excellent way to consult or do therapy when someone has mobility problems, travels a lot, or lives far from our centre.

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