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Expecting a baby is a very special moment in life, especially the first pregnancy. At this stage, the woman changes the image she has of herself, both in her internal world and in her external reality.

Waiting time can be wonderful for both parents, although a wide variety of concerns commonly arise. These can create uncertainty associated with the course of pregnancy, delivery and the well-being of the mother or the baby.

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Some typical questions:
Pregnancy and preparation for childbirth  Questions

Will the baby survive?

Is the baby healthy?

What will happen to me during delivery?

Can I survive childbirth?

Will my body change permanently?

Will I become a good enough parent for this particular child?

Will I still be attractive?

Can I love my baby?

Once I am a mother, will I still be myself?

Am I capable of being a mother/father?

Sometimes to give a good answer in these situations it is necessary to receive help or specific guidelines.

During pregnancy, the expectant mother begins to create images of both her baby and herself as a mother.

The mother-to-be’s moods vary, she has difficulty concentrating, is forgetful, becomes very sensitive, and is often stressed or tired. Pregnant women are often considered emotionally volatile.
This emotional storm during pregnancy is part of a woman’s mental elaboration on her way to motherhood. It is a very important and necessary psychological process. Faced with the developmental challenges of motherhood, a woman is filled with emotions, many of which are positive, some negative, and some can even be overwhelming.

During pregnancy, the mother’s sensitivity and her ability to perceive the baby’s signals increases. This promotes the attachment of the expectant mother to the baby and creates a good basis for the development of interaction, early bonding and attachment after birth.

Babies are ready to interact as soon as they are born. With the cry, the look, facial expressions and movements, the baby will seek the care of his/her parents.

Pregnancy and preparation for childbirth  Quote
The development of the early bonds between mother and child and father and child are essential for the development of the child’s emotional life. In a loving relationship, a child can build positive perception of him/herself and, later, have satisfactory social relationships and good learning capacities.
Sometimes the worries during a normal pregnancy are very intense and fill the mind of the expectant mother. A woman may experience anxiety or depression. If the pregnant woman cannot feel joy in her pregnancy and the images of her baby are very negative, psychotherapeutic help may be necessary.
Early bonding and interaction psychotherapy has been developed for the treatment of difficulties during pregnancy and early childhood.
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What we do at Lapsi

At the LAPSI Centre we think together about these issues. The need for treatment will be assessed and an intervention plan developed. The first visit is held in the consultation room, and subsequent visits can be at the centre, online or at home.
With small interventions important advances can be made in the interaction between the baby and the mother/father. One visit may be sufficient although early interaction psychotherapy is sometimes necessary.
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